Our nursery offers 3 days free-of-charge adaptation period.
The objective of the period is giving the child an opportunity to get familiar with our place, to get used to our daily routine, to meet the staff and other students. During the days parents/ legal guardians and children have a chance to get accustomed to the new environment and gradually increase their sense of security and build the possitive bonds with the adult caregivers.

The main aims of our adaptation time are mainly oriented towards a great time of play and amusement, because in early age new skills are mostly taught by playing games and fun time.
The adaptation period provide children with a wide range of opportunities to play, learn, to communicate and express themselves, to collaborate and engage in new society, to be more aware of the world around them, and to experience the new environment and daily routine.
During first meetings in our nursery the new student will have a chance to observe or participate in music activities, colourful parachute plays, tasty snacks and sport activities.