Private Nursery and Kindergarten with the nutrition and motor development emphasis offers the daily care for children in the age 1-5 up to 10 hours daily -all working days. Opening hours 7.30 AM- 6PM ( except statutory public holidays and the 24th of December)

Our nursery is one of very few private nurseries in Warsaw which operates legally and is listed in Nurseries and Children’s Clubs Register.


Nursery group Kindergarten group
Registration fee 900 PLN 900 PLN
Tuition (monthly) 1490 PLN * 1490 PLN
Nursery meal payment 15 PLN ** / a day 15 PLN ** / a day
2 days a week 640 PLN
3 days a week 940 PLN
1/2 of a day (up tp 1AM) 990 PLN
* price guarantteed up to the end of December 2017. Price includes 100 PLN special municipal temporary grant „MALUCH” provided to the recipient.
** Meals prepared in nursery kitchen are based on top quality ingrediences supplied by local producers, supported by BIO and Eko -labelled products.


Additional transport service is available in the districts of Mokotów and Ochota. In case of interest please contact us directly. Applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis.


Registration fee shall include, in particular:

  • Insurance against personal injury and disability resulting from an accident or sickness,
  • acquisition of individual layette, in particular: daybed, bed clothes, bibs, cutlery, dishes, wellingtons, art&craft equipment etc.

Tuition fee contains:

  • daily care 10 hours daily all working days (except statutory public holidays and the 24th of December)
  • all inclusive educational activities: sports and physical education, music and movement, art&craft activities, foreign languages (English and Spanish).

Food fee contains:

  • Breakfast
  • second breakfast
  • lunch
  • tea/ afternoon snack

We cater to special dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, eggless, lactose free and allergen elimination diet, or any other requirements authorised after presentation of the requisite medical documents.

Full Day care provides:

  • feeding,
  • hygiene procedures and good grooming,
  • relaxation exercises, nap time,
  • kindermusic classes,
  • independence training,
  • outside activities such as: outdoor nap, walks, playground time,
  • musical outdoor activities,
  • education focused on child's needs in accordance with the age development.

Maximum number of children in our nursery – 24 (divided into smaller groups)

Age appropriate education through play consists of:

  • physical activities,
  • small and fine motor development activities,
  • dietary education,
  • multisensoric education,
  • kindermusic classes,
  • logorythmics,
  • social, physical and cognitive development.

The path to independence:

  • potty training
  • hygiene in bathroom training ( washing hands, brushing teeth etc.)
  • „Eating on my own” training

Healthy daily nap tailored to the individual demands