1. When does the nursery open?

Jupi nursery and kindergarten opens at 07.30am every morning and closes at 6pm every day, except statutory public holidays and the 24th of December.


2. Jak zapisać dziecko do żłobka/przedszkola?

Admission is available troughout the year ( depending on the availability of free places.)
The questionnaire is accesed on our website.
or you may contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.

Basic documents that shall be provided:
-> Contract
-> Application questionaire
-> Confirmation of acquaintance to “Jupi” nursery rules

All above should be submitted in “Jupi” nursery’s office. The admission fee should be paid into the account specified in the contract Within the indicated time limit.


3. What does it mean the „A nutritional-sports emphasis” ?

From the earliest age we shape the healthy eating and life habits by offering the original sports programme developing fine motor skills. We take great care to provide children with nutritious and wholesome food, delivered from local verified and cooperating producers from ecological holdings prepared daily in our nursery kitchen. We also plan our daily menus by fully qualified professional food technologist to guarantee the balanced diet suitable for each age group.


4. At what age can children start ?

In „Jupi” nursery we accept children aged from 1 to 3 and in kindergarten children aged from 3 to 5 years old.


5. My child has a food allergy, are you able to cater for them?

It is the parents’ duty to supply us with the necessery information about the type of allergy and dietary restrictions. We run a special database which is essential for our staff to follow the rules of the care of allergic student according to his or her individual needs.
In the case of food allergy the medical documentation is reqiured. The more detailed the recommendation, the better care and assistance we will provide.
When your child starts nursery you will be asked to complete a Registration Form, which will include details of any allergies and other health requirements of the student. The individual diet is then established in the contract in accordance with the medical recommendation and parents’ remarks.


6. Do the children go out everyday?

Yes, we indend our students to play outside as often as possible, because outdoor activities play an important part of every child’s development and health.
Children walk up to the playground or local park when the weather permits.


7. Are there any medicines given to children in the nursery?

According to the law In the nursery and kindergarten medicines are not allowed, besides those essential in chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes when the constant medicines administration is essential for a health state of a child.


8. What happens if my child is taken ill at nursery?

According to our internal statutory regulations taking ill child to the nursery is forbidden. Only healthy children are allowed to attend the classes. In case of the apperance of a disease we will contact you immediately and ask to come and collect your child as soon as possible especially if the child is not well enough to be in nursery or has a contagious illness. In the interests of all children it is important that your child is well before returning to nursery.


9. What do I need to bring with me ?

Whilst your child is on formula milk you can either bring in your bottles made up every day or provide us with a carton of formula and we will make it up as and when needed. You will also need to bring in nappies, creams, comforters and any medication your child needs. We also ask parents to bring in at least one spare set of clothes (and lots more when they’re toilet training!).
In case of more datailed questions please contact us directly. See the details.


10. Is my child inssured?

Yes, each child has an Insurance against personal injury and disability resulting from an accident or sickness. There are no additional costs for Parents/ legal guardians connected with the insurance procedures.