Maria Kalińska – Cofounder of JUPI nursery and kindergarten, head nutrition specialist in our nursery. Graduate of University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, the faculty OF HUMAN NUTRITION AND CONSUMER SCIENCES. Dedicated early years educator, with 7 years of experience in working with children aged 0-8. Graduate of first aid courses. Summer and winter camps teacher ( “Baby on Board” and “SnowNations”) Privately she is the one of three siblings.

Dominika Derżecka- Szczepańska – cofounder and menager of „Jupi” nursery and kindergarten, author of original sports programme in Jupi, graduate of University of Physical Education in Wrocław, promoter of physical education and sports among young children, the owner of winter and aquatic sports „Snownation” private school, inventor and founder of „Baby On Board” holiday project. Privately, mother of two happy scamps: Marina and Tytus.

Kasia Kalińska – experienced early years educator, in “Jupi” nursery the teacher of toddlers group and a dance teacher. Graduate of University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Food Sciences. Longtime member of Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Technology. Promoter of Polish domestic folclore. Privately Mary’s sister.