In our „Jupi” nursery and kindergarten we put great emphasis on the early involvment in „sporting spirit” of each our student. The original programme designed by experienced graduate of University of Physical Education aims at:

  • within toddlers – coordination development, correct gross motor patterns preparing children to independent sitting and walking skills and competences
  • within older children – development of physical intelligence, movement coordination skills, balance, agility, dexterity, creativity and courage to win obstacles

We offer a spacious, safe classroms suitable for young explorers, with the access to
age -appropriate teaching aids, educational toys, gym equipment, safe furniture and accesories, as well as to multimedia eqiupment and sport facilities specially designed for very young children.

The curriculum based activities take into consideration children’s interests to play and engage in both formal and informal way, to learn through play and exploration.
We follow the learn-through-play methodological approach with changeable intensity and duration due to individual needs of our students.